Brick & Cement

Cement industry requires High Power and Maitenance Free Belts Drive Solutions.

Applications & Solutions:

Among the most demanding enviroment with high loads, extreme temperature and brasive materials and extremes of temperature. CMW PT features a range of tuff rubber V-Belts covers these needs.

Offering tight tolerance in belt lenght variation, match free V-Belts of CMW PT allows mills or crusher to absorb enormous amount of power with minimum maintenance for efficient operation.

High grade EPDM rubber combined with high modulus cord allows CMW PT to operate in extreme temperation variation while ensuring reliable drive belt transmission.

Type of Machine / Applications:

Ribbed Belts and Elastic Ribbed Belts for Cement Mixers.
High Performance V-Belts for Portable Cement Mixers for DIY or Professionnal.
High Power Banded V-Belts for Cement Mills or Cement Pump
Low Decay Aramid cord V-Belts for Clinker Crusher
High temperature EPDM V-Belts up to 130C for Crushing and Mills