CMW Elastic ribbed belt for roller to roller transmission.


Elastic Ribbed EPJ for roller conveyor for all your applications of power rolled conveyor :

roller of diameter 50mm with 43 mm endcap or 60mm endcap,

from center distance from 50mm to 173mm,

CMW has a complete range of elastic ribbed EPJ available from 2 ribs, 3 ribs or 4 ribs , with length from EPJ 236 to EPJ 955.



Compliant with DIN 7867, ISO 9981, ISO 9982 / ASAE S 211.5 / IP26 RMA-MPTA

Molded poly-V profile PJ high performance High modulus polyamide elastic cords

High-grade polybutadiene loaded with fiber compound with cushion

Minimum diameter of pulleys 20mm

Maximum belt speed 50 m/s



Perfectly designed for maintenance free solution, long life, high abrasion resistant, the CMW elastic ribbed EPJ can be used in cold temperature chamber (-40°C to +70°C) thanks to high grade polybutadiene loaded with fiber compound and high modulus polyamide elastic cords.


Also sometimes called PolyVee ® belts, multi-rib belts,V-ribbed belts, Poly-V ® or Polyurethane V-Belts, our CMW molded elastic ribbed belts delivers perfect tension per rib per span for up to 20 rollers still delivering rpm speed even on heavy load.


You can find our power transmission belts branded CMW available in stock you can consult on -line stock inventory at .

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