Rubber Double-Sided Timing Belts Sleeve Curvilinear Tooth

(HTD) D5M, D8M; (STD) S5M, S8M


This belt transmits equal power on both sides, as it is made with fiberglass tensile cords.  The fabric cover allows for minimal friction and positive engagement with the pulleys.

    • Our double-sided curvilinear timing belts take advantage of the properties and features of the single-sided version.
    • We can produce our double-sided timing belts in 2 arrangements: symmetrical or overlapping.
    • Resistant to hot and cold environments, with moderate resistance to common oils.
    • Low noise, high speed ratio, high belt speed.

Suitable for counterrotating drives requiring high load power and smooth operation.

Dual Sided lawn


1760-DS8M-25 double sided timing belt marking