Molded Multi-Ribbed Belts Standard

Sleeves or Cut pc


This belt is made with a highly resistant polyester cord, enhanced with a treatment to achieve low stretch, high speed capability and greater adhesion.  The polybutadiene rib rubber compound ensures strong grip and longitudinal forces.

    • Enables power transmission even on small pulleys, diameters or high speeds
    • Temperature range from -15°C up to +80°C
    • Meets antistatic requirements from ISO 1813
    • Extreme resistance to ozone, water and oil

Best suited for applications using small pulleys, high speeds and that require a sterile environment. This belt is suited for a multitude of applications.  Some of these applications include, but are not limited to: vacuum cleaner brushes, fitness bikes, conveying, concrete mixers, hand tools, compressors, washing machines, dryers, fans, pumps, etc.

Molded PH, PJ


7 PJ490 ribbed belt sleeve