In ceramic, stone, brick or even glass, an industry that works with fragile and abrasive material used in extreme temperature.

Applications & Solutions:

Improve your efficiency, costs, flexibility and production quality ensuring energy savings and reduced environmental impact with specific Ceramic, Glass, Brick and Stome power transmission belts designed by CMW PT.

For high load, abrasive material and high temperature, our reinforced stainless steel AT20 with natural back coating Timing Belt would respond to most of your application needs.

From preparation, to body and glazze formation, to moulding, to dyring, to decorating and firing, our CMW PT drive belts would ensure smooth achieve top quality and productivity.<./p>

Type of Machine / Applications:

Aramid cord high load Banded V-Belts for batch mills, filtration and pressing Machines
Abrasion resistant back coverer Timing Belts for Grinding machines, Cutting,  Beveling, Polishing and Drilling lines.
Resistant to high temperature V-Belts for drying, glazing machine and cutting and squaring machines.
Water-resistant polyurethane Timing Belts for edge rounding,  polishing machines.