Our Story     

Started more than 40 years ago, the story behind the brand CMW is the desire of passionate people to guarantee to its customers an impeccable quality in establishing a strong brand image to the highest standards for its partners.

        More than 30 years ago, our early pioneers created in Shanghai a quality department and a technical office in Hangzhou to qualify and to control manufacturers of high quality power transmission components for global Premium brands.

        During the following decades, the CMW brand has grown focused on a continuous improvement and innovation strategy based on demanding criterias, and high quality  manufacturing standards and services. Becoming a reference brand as a quality risk-free switch cost effective alternative to substitute products from the major Premium brands. Several manufacturing plants were acquired in various mechanical transmission product lines.

        Leveraging this legacy, CMW Power Transmission is nowadays accelerating the CMW brand expansion into drive belts in producing a complete range of both standard and high performance belts, in prescribing the material requirements , and in engineering the product specifications up to dymamic performance expectations.

        Expanding in the whole European region, backed up with a large stock inventory, animated by committed people with strong expertise in drive belts technology and specialised to the distribution channel of mechanical components, CMW Power Transmission is aiming to become the Preferred brand as alternative to Premium market leaders across the continent.

Notre mission

    Our mission    

CMW Power Transmission is a manufacturer of rubber and polyurethane drive belts to transmit power, to synchronize movement and to convey goods in wide variety of industrial and agricultural applications.

            In offering cost effective high quality components build up to demanding standard, backed up with top class services and large stock inventory, for total customer satisfaction and best partnership experience.

            We exist to become the preferred brand as alternative to the premium manufacturers at distributor channels.

     Our values     

Customer Commitment
Engagement du client toto

 We put our customer first, we make every decision and measure every outcome based on how well it serves our partners and meet or exceed their expectations.


 We never compromise on quality, we provide outstanding products and best services, that together, deliver premium value and experience to our partners.

Respect for People
Respect des personnes

We respect and believe our people and our partner´s people, above all, business is people to people, together we create real value.

Driven by Achievement
Le goût de la réussite

We take ownership and personally accountable for delivering our commitments.

Connection Builder
Créateur de liens

We build connections, we bring together and collaborate with our stakeholder partners to create value beyond traditional business boundaries.