High Performance Rubber Timing Belt ranges by CMW Power Transmission

High Performance Rubber Timing Belt

Not all the Timing Belts are the same, find out why and discover range of rubber Timing Belt by CMW Power Transmission.

Rubber Timing Belt are precision power transmission belts that shall offer minimal friction with a polyamide cover fabric that allows perfect positive engagement with pulleys; and such synchronous timing belt can suit multi-axial transmission, along with packaging, open door, robotic, or any linear motion system applications; all about precision and power transmission. 

At CMW Power Transmission we understand the drive technology and the intimacy link between raw materials, production process and final products. For this reason, we have strictly selected Chloroprene produced by top premium manufacturers such as Lanxess© or high-performance glass fiber cord produced by Japan Central Glass©.  Our accurate molding production process ensures that the teeth are precisely formed and positioned, thus guaranteeing accurate and smooth operation with the timing pulley grooves.

This is the perfect combination between 1) the best chloroprene and fiber grade materials used for our rubber teeth compound to deliver tooth pitch matching and high wear and vibration resistance along with 2) strong glass fiber both S and Z orientated will ensure perfect belt tracking, keep dimensional stability and flexibility with no elongation.

CMW Power Transmission offers 3 levels of power transmission cross the various sections of our rubber Timing Belts:
- CMW PT Timing Belt standard, Chloroprene based, available in all tooth sections, imperial, metric or curvilinear profiles
- CMW Power Transmission PowerPlus Timing Belt, Chloroprene + Kevlar fiber based, available in all curvilinear profile
- CMW Power Transmission PowerPlus 2 Timing Belt, HNBR based, available for 8M, 14M, STD8M, STD 14M and some GT/GT2 profile

Perfect gearing matching in pulleys pitch associated with premium manufacturer raw material give to the CMW Power Transmission rubber Timing high strength which allows for high load capacity.


Please find out about our Rubber Timing Belts on www.cmwpt.com/timingbelt

22-JUL-2021 23:00