Small indoor or outdoor Applicance.

Our low elongation, high strength power transmission belts for a wide variety of applications.

Applications & Solutions:

Particularly important for indoor small applicance applications, our CMW PT drive belt solutions are reliable, particulary adapted for high speed rotation and low vibration.

The world of small appliances requires a multitude of belt drive possibiities, CMW PT can offer from positive transmission by timing belt both in rubber or in polyurethane or friction transmission by ribbed belt standard or elastic cords.

No matter the type of drive transmission researched, we would offer safe, maintenance free belts, energy conscious rubber belts and REACH/ROHS eco friendly belts.

We have several belt drive solution that can run in silence with smooth belt drive running propertie and high reliable belt drive.

Type of Machine / Applications:

Polyrutethane Timing Belts for Coffee Maker or Coffe Grinder
Polyurethane Timing Belts and Ribbed Belts fro Blender and food processor.
Elastic Ribbed Belts for Mixer, Stand Mixer or Dough Mixer
Elastic Ribbed Belts for Rice Cooker, and Bread Maker
Elastic Ribbed Belts for Sliccing Machime for hams
High Performance V-Belt high temperature resistance for Air Conditioning and HVAC
Ribbed Belt Profil PJ and PH for Washing Machines and Dryer Machine
Presicision small rubber Timing Belt for Domestic Robot
Elastic Ribbed Belt in Profile H for Vaccum cleaner head brush
Elastic Ribbed Belt in Profile J high temperature resistante for small air compressor
Low Stretch Ribbed Belts for Table saws, Circular saws, Miter saws and Reciprocating Saws.
Thermoweldable Belts fro floor polishing machines.
Power transmission belts for electrical Handled Planer, Bench Planer, Molding Planer or Stationary Planer.