Our power transmission belts for efficient - carbon emission cautious - low energy consumotion waste management unit.

Applications & Solutions:

Whomever you are industrial manufacturers or specialised in the recycling industry, whatever you need manage paper, plastics, rubber, glass, metal,... Our CMW PT belts drive would deliver wear and abrasion resistance your waste management equipment needs.

Our rubber and polyurethane belts are designed to match harsh environment and work efficiently for sperating applications.

Type of Machine / Applications:

High Performance narrow V-Belts for Separator and Centrifuge Separator
Banded V-Belts for scrap recyclers and shredders.
Ribbed Belts for Bag opener and Granulators
Aramid cord match free V-Belt for Rotary Shears and Reel Splitters
Abrasion resistant Timing Bel for Baling Press.