Pulp & Paper

Powerfull, fast and precision belt drives for Paper, Pulp and Printing industry.

Applications & Solutions:

Pulp, paper and printing encompass a wide variety of process and equipment ; from standard to technological advanced machines, this industry requires high tenacity drive belts.

From pulp preparation to paper production to high precision printing, CMW PT belt drive solutions allows continuous load, high speed, precised belt drive.

Printing,  binding machines and carton boxes gluer can rely on our precision high veolicty drive components

Type of Machine / Applications:

Banded V-Belt high performance for print paper roll.
Polyurethane Timing Belt Power for Offset printing.
High Precision rubber Timing Belts for paper high speed feed digitial printing and plotters.
Elastic Ribbed Belts for ticketing, banking ATM, card readers, coin changers machines and money sorters.

Pulp & Paper