Logistic / Movement

Optimised your distribution flow and logistic chain with our material handling belt solutions.

Applications & Solutions:

Speed, rapid changes, adaptation ... Our CMW PT would keep the pace of all your logistic and material handling drive belt applications with perfect timing belts in polyurethane or rubber synchronised belt drives.

Our products combined with our support & logistic center services makes the pair to perfectly convey the right products, at righ time.

Our high quality and efficient drive belt solutions to help you accomplish complex planned operations; our drive belt for logistic and material handling equipments would contribute to your reduction of delay and downtime.

Type of Machine / Applications:

Rubber Timing Belts high power for  automatic storage/retrieval system (AS/RS).
Open Ended Polyurethane Timing Belts for vertical storage or carrousel.
Elastic cord high abrasion resistant Ribbed Belts used in Dirverting, Transfer, OffLoad, Sorting and Delivery modules.
Thermoweldable V-Belts and round Belts smooth or rough for Curved Conveyors, Sketch Conveyor, Incline Conveyors.
Ribbed Belts Profile PK for pallet and transport platform conveyors.
Elastic Ribbed Belts EPJ in 2, 3, 4 ribs for roller to roller conveyors.

Logistic / Movement