Food & Beverage

Delivering power and synchronisation drive belts while meeting or exceeding highest product safety standards.

Applications & Solutions:

For all your food processing equipments, from preparation, processing, preservation to packaging; our CMW PT drive belts runs long run, quietly, precisely and require low maintenance.

Requiring clean and efficient drives, meeting eventually direct food contact with FDA or according to European Regulations EU1935/2004, EU10/2011 and EU 174/2015 approval, our belts for application in food and beverage industry comes with precision and latest technology for automation.

Durability and reliability can best describe our polyurethane Timing Belts and Thermoweldable Belts while ensuring a clean, safe and resistance to oils and fats onto hygienic drive conditions.

Type of Machine / Applications:

Long length precision Rubber Timing Belts for Vending machines.
Polyurethane Timing Belt for meat, including pork, beef, and poultry process machines.
Endless Flex polyurethane Timing Belt for bakery, including cookies, crackers, and bread equipement.
Thermoweldables V-Belt and Pentagon V-Belt for agriculture, including fruits and vegetables.
Elastic polyamid cords Ribbed Belts for confections, including chocolate and candy machines.
Polyurethane food grade FDA approved Timing Belts for Sausage Processing Machinery, Dairy and Cheese units.
High performance rubber Timing Belts with food grade natural rubber back coating belts for seafood and fish processing machines.

Food & Beverage