From yarns, to fabrics, then to pre-treated, dyed or printed, finished with a treatment, tailor made solution Textile & Non Woven Production !

Applications & Solutions:

For machines involved with Fiber, Thread or Yarn Production, CMW PT has developped textile industry drive belts to fit every machines.

In prescribing the perfect combinaison of drive belt specifications (material, dimension, expected dynamic behaviors) the Timing Belt for textile industry from CMW PT would fit main drive for thousands of needles as well as long length drive powering knitting unit.

Type of Machine / Applications:

Rubber Timing Belts high precision for Woolen Mill, Thread Winding, Bleaching/Dyeing and Scutching Machines.
Long length polyurethane open ended Timing Belt for Knitting, Crochet, Lace Making  and Weaving Machines.
Mini pitch preicision Timing Belt for Cloth Measuring, Cloth Cutting , Industrial Sewing or Monogramming Machines.
Aramid fiber loaed rubber Timing Belt for Carding , Spinning and Yarn Gassing Machines.