Whatever for sports professionals or amateurs, the leaisure and sport machines are using high resistance Belts with no vibration.

Applications & Solutions:

Past four decaded have demonstrated fast growing for Fitness equipments for home or club; our CMW PT  ribbed belt delivered smooth running, silence belt drive and compact drive.

Wellness is driving for life quality, performance and strength, longevity and endurance.. All alike our Ribbed Belts standard or elastic cords.

Human powered, the driven force is characterised by wide variety of speed rotation, rapid peak and lost of torque, our CMW PT elastic Ribbed Belts transmits high load with efficiency in a compact drive.

Type of Machine / Applications:

Ribbed Belts Profil PJ for Treadmilss and Slat Treadmills.
High Power Ribbed Belts Profil PJ and PK for Exercice Bikes and Elleptical Trainer.
Precision and long life rubber Timing Belt for Stepper.