Packaging made of plastic, wood, paper, cardboard, glass or metal .. Our drive belt always pack perfectly !

Applications & Solutions:

Standard belts or engineered belts with bacxking material, cleats or machined; our CMW PT rubber or polyurethane timing belts contribute to the performance of your packaging machines.

Strong of more than 4 decades of experience, you can expect our industry knowledge at service of your innovation.

Protect your goods with a long life,  performant  cost-effective belt drive .

Type of Machine / Applications:

Polyurethane high performance Timing Belt Flex endless for carton forming, box handling.
Natural rubbed back coating rubber Timing Belt used in Vertical form filing & seals belts (VFFS), Tubular bags, filling machines and blow molding machines.
Polyurethane Timing Belts open ended Xwide for closing packaging machine, labeling units.
Ribbed Belts used in Pallet wrapping machine and on line check weighting measure unit.